Rent Guarantee Leases

If you are reliant on your rental income to fund your mortgage or as a monthly source of income, then having a tenant fall into rent arrears may get you into financial difficulties. See how our rent guarantee leases have been giving our landlords peace of mind and security.

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Is a rent guarantee lease right for me?

what benefits can a rent guarantee lease offer me?

Guaranteed secure monthly payments

Rent Guarantee

Our rent guarantee leases can give you the peace of mind of having your rent paid as a guarantee on a monthly basis. Taking away the stress if you are relying in your rental income as a main source of income or to cover the mortgage payments.

Property is safeguarded against malicious tenant damage

Malicious Damage Cover

Malicious tenant damage can be costly to repair and sometimes difficult to recover too. Our rent guarantee leases offer you complete malicious damage cover, giving you complete security against any form of malicious tenant damage.

Peace of mind with all costs covered if need be

Full Eviction Cover

Regaining possession of your property sometimes can be harder than it should be. If the tenant does not agree to move out, the costly and lengthy court proceedings can be a nightmare to deal with for the best of us. So, rest assured with our rent guarantee leases you have complete eviction cover should the need arise.

No unexpected voids due to tenant situation changing

No Void Periods

Void periods can be costly and add up when trying to source new tenants once the current ones move on. Wouldn’t it be great if your rent is still paid during this process? That is exactly what our rent guarantee leases offer you.

Benefit from extra savings with an exemption from Landlord License

Landlord License Exemption

Renting your property can be expensive, not with all the compliance which must be ticked off before the property can be occupied. Wouldn’t it be great if you can be exempt from one of these costings, especially when it is a large cost? Our leases offer you exemption from landlord licensing.

No rent lost waiting to find tenants, your lease starts when the property is ready

Quick Turnaround

Sometimes it can be a time-consuming exercise to conduct viewings on the property and not secure the right tenants. At the same time, this is a costly process too as each day is rent lost. Our rent guarantee leases save you this money as your contract can start once the property passes the final inspection.

We offer you flexibility from 1 to 5 year leases to choose from

Flexible Contracts

Unlike some other products available on the market, we at ARQ Homes do not like to tie anyone down for a long period of time. Which is why we give you the flexibility to choose from anywhere between a 1 year to a 5 year lease to secure your rent for, offering your complete flexibility.

Competitive market rates offered across London and Essex

Competitive Rates

Our rent guarantee leasing scheme rates are some of the best in the market. We offer extremely competitive rates for the areas in which we function. As the rates are determined by living space to facility ratio, we need to visit to determine the rate, but we can make you an offer within 24 hours of our visit.

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Is my property suitable?

what is required for the rent guarantee lease to start?


Arrange an Inspection

Simply give us a call and arrange for a visit at a date and time that suits you best. The visit is free of charge and you get an emailed report of the findings from the visit. Please note the visit can last up to one hour.


Property Compliance Inspection

An inspection will be carried out to assess if the property meets the criteria of the scheme. Any non-compliance will be documented, and a report will follow the visit via email to advice how to get the property compliant.


Arrange Documents and Keys

We will require valid copies of the EPC, gas and electric certificates, landlords building insurance, alongside 3 full sets of keys. Assistance can be provided if needed to get compliance works done or to arrange certifications.


Final Compliance Inspection

Once you have submitted the necessary documents / certifications and any required works complete, a final visit will be made. The visit will be to sign off the property as compliant with the scheme and can allow for the lease to commence soon thereafter.


Guaranteed Rent Starts

The lease will be sent to you to sign electronically; or, if you prefer to sign in person, then this can be done in our office. All done now, and your rent guarantee lease can start.


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